Česky Paper Machines Бумагоделательные машины
Complete paper machines for different paper grades with wire width up to 7.500 mm and operating speed up to 1.200 m/min (packaging papers, coated/uncoated cardboard, decorative papers, cigarette papers, tissue)...
Complete lines for waste paper processing, refining lines for all types of pulp, lines for rejects processing, wood pulp sorting lines, liquid packaging board (tetrapak) processing and lines for processing laminated papers.
Search for a suitable second-hand machine for a project, disassembly, relocation to the customer, on-site installation, assembly and commissioning. Complete reconstruction, overhaul and replacement of worn-out parts.
Equipment for starch and starch sizes application. Cookers for preparation of cationic starch for paper stock; cookers for preparation of oxidized starch for paper surface; enzymatic and thermochemical converters; working station for size / film press and ASA stations.
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PAPCEL Litovel: Supplier of Great Paper Machines, Supplier of Great Solutions

For almost 65 years the joint-stock company PAPCEL LITOVEL produces machines and technological equipment for paper industry branch. It has its own production planning, technical and technological development, engineering, drawing and projecting department, test room, customer services and especially factory buildings and assembly halls at its disposal. Nearly 250 employees are involved here in all projects. PAPCEL, a.s. offers single-deliveries, deliveries of complete technologies, repairs, reconstructions and modernizations of production lines or their parts.

With more than 65 years of experience, the joint-stock company PAPCEL Litovel produces high quality and state of the art paper machines and technological equipment for the paper industry. They have their own technical and technological development facilities such as test room, engineering and realization department, customer service, project management, and a pre production and production department. The company has almost more than 200 employees, who are all working hand in hand in the process of providing the world with paper machine products that we can trust.

PAPCEL Litovel produces and delivers machines and equipment for complete lines of paper machines and stock preparation, offering single-deliveries, deliveries of complete technologies, repairs, modernizations and reconstructions of production lines or the machine parts. The company offers spare parts and complete technical services, as the production program is enhanced by complete reconstructions of second hand paper machines and deliveries.

Some of the paper machine products that the company has, among the many, are head boxes, formers, shakers, showers, rolls, and presses. They also have machines for stock preparation and equipment and storage preparation. Another thing that’s great about PAPCEL is that it gives back to the environment. The company constantly adheres to strict limitations in consumption of sources such as water, heat, and electric energy. It also looks out for the welfare and health of the people, as it is careful in letting out dangerous emissions. Not only are their products and technological equipment at reasonable rates but they are also highly effective and efficient. This way, you know that you get what you pay for. Lastly, PAPCEL’s paper machines live up to the highest standards of projecting, engineering, services, development, production, overhauls and maintenance of technologies proposed for paper and related industry. Definitely, when it comes to production of great paper machines, PAPCEL Litovel stands alone.

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We are looking for the candidate for Process and Application Engineer position.
If you are interested, please contact the HR Manager, Mrs. Isabelle Marra on email: imarra@abkgroupe.com or telephone: +33 (0)4 76 07 68 32.

On June 01 - 03, the Group PAPCEL/ABK participated in the international exhibition ASIAN PAPER in Bangkok.
On April 26 - 28, the Group PAPCEL/ABK participated in the international exhibition Paper Vietnam in Hanoi.
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