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Paper Mill Holding

The paper mill Angren Pack (formarly known as ОАО ИИ "SANOATQALINQOGOZSAVDO") is the biggest producer of fluting, liner, packaging materials and tissue papers in Uzbekistan. The company Angren Pack is located in the southwestern part of the industrial zone in Angren, 120 km far from Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan.

Production programme includes:
  • fluting, liners
  • corrugated board boxes (multi-purpose)
  • sized boards for printing and book industry
  • tissue papers (toilet papers and napkins)
  • corrugated boards and egg trays
In 2011, a new investor, the Czech company Paper Mill Holding s.r.o. acquired shares and entered the company. Paper Mill Holding is the majority shareholder.

Czech investment in the territory

Formally, among the entities registered in the Czech Republic are the following companies operating in Uzbekistan. The most signifiant investor in Uzbekistan is the company with foreign capital “ERIELL Corporation s.r.o”, which is engaged in services for oil and gas mining companies in Uzbekistan and other countries. It is followed by a joint Czech-Uzbek company “OOO Production business concern Pulsar" with the participation of private Czech capital. It is one of the biggest beer producers in Uzbekistan.

The new and the third major investor from the Czech Republic became the company Paper Mill Holding Ltd., which in 2011 acquired 53.03 % of shares in the company Promkartontorg, which produces cardboard and packaging materials in Angren.