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Vega HSH

Company profile

VEGA-HSH is a Czech holding company. Within its portfolio VEGA-HSH manages companies with a total turnover of 1.4 billion CZK and generates EBITDA indicator at the level of 90 million CZK. VEGA Group employs more than 430 employees. Since 2014, the company VEGA-HSH has been a 100% owner of the only Czech producer of complete papermaking technology - the company PAPCEL Litovel.

The company focuses on investments in key industrial technology and innovative industrial solutions for paper and engineering industry. Innovations are the key factor for successful future development and further growth of the VEGA Group. The Group invests into middle-size companies offering unique technological solutions or unique “know-how” and with potential for more efficient management or complete restructuring. Within the framework of carried out investments, all attractive opportunities on the global markets are used. In the past, the company acted as a major investor in several international projects for the construction of a completely new paper mill.

Company investment potential
  • Construction in the field of paper industry - production of all paper grades: papers for production of packaging materials, papers for production of gypsum boards, graphic papers - printing and writing papers, cigarette papers, tissue papers, bank-note papers, decorative papers, special production such as fiber-cement boards, processing of non-traditional fibers such as liquid packaging boards, etc.
  • Investment in modern technology in the field of ecology, alternative energy sources and savings.
  • Investment in the field of processing industry - production of corrugated cardboard, production of tissue papers.
  • Investment in the field of chemical industry.
  • Investment in the field of general engineering industry, metallurgy, textile industry, etc.