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ABK Groupe, France - closing of ABK Groupe company

PAPCEL, a.s. press release

Dear business partners,

allow us to inform you about actual changes in our organizational structure.

Since 2015 PAPCEL has experienced a majorly successful business period marked by revenue growth, realization of new projects and development of its business network. This considerable economic and technical growth is connected with series of acquisitions which took place in the past resulting in significant technical and technological boost, know-how enhancement and expansion of activities on foreign markets.
PAPCEL Group reached excellent economic results in the last two years. Over the last five years PAPCEL took over management of five competitors thereby substantially strengthening its competitive position on the market and joined the world’s leading paper industry suppliers.

One of the acquired companies of the time was French company ABK Machinery whose assets were purchased by PAPCEL in 2014. At that time PAPCEL founded its new company ABK Groupe with what we entered Chinese market and historically realized several important projects on Western European markets.

In 2016 PAPCEL Group decided for a significant growth strategy, admission of a new investor. Company’s shareholders further invested in new acquisitions involved with major investments in research and development, purchasing production capacities and information technologies. One of the results of this active technology development is a successful installation of new tissue machine producing equipment in Argentina. 

In the years 2016 - 2017 alone the Group‘s overall level of investments reached 14 million Euro. Thanks to these investments the we gained modern production facilities which will allow for production of high performance and greater working width machine components for paper technologies.

Next acquisitions realized during 2016 – 2017 was purchasing of GapCon Tissue S.r.l. company (now called ICONē S.r.l.) and PMT S.r.l. company, both located in Italy. These two acquisitions mean considerate reinforcement of manufacturing program in the area of packaging papers, special types of papers and tissue for PAPCEL Group. Both new Group members are historically important paper industry suppliers, own patented solutions for their products and offer state-of-the-art technology for paper sheet formation, its pressing, drying, coating, etc.

Acquiring companies PMT S.r.l. and ICONē (former GapCon S.r.l.) in 2017 increased PAPCEL’s design and production capacities and expanded the number of employees to over 450. Gained know-how and the amount of realized references in the area of packaging papers and tissue surpassed existing ABK Groupe portfolio.

ABK Groupe in the time of its existence in the Group realized several new projects related to reconstruction and modernization of paper machines. In the long run it however achieved poor economic results. Despite the series of changes to its inner organizational structure, coveted economic results were not achieved. With the chance to offer more sophisticated technology of PMT S.r.l. in the same production segment, a decision has been reached by management to terminate all operation of ABK Groupe. By the closing of ABK Groupe company the Group will reduce the total level of operating costs by 3 mio. EUR per year. 

Before the decision to terminate mutual cooperation was made, ABK Groupe’s best employees had been addressed with offers for further employment opportunities in PMT S.r.l. 

PAPCEL Company assumes all commitments connected with completion of currently open business cases of ABK Groupe and guarantees their successful finalization.

We guarantee the sale of spare parts and all service operations for previously realized projects to all our customers as well. Closing of ABK Groupe is a notable step, it however does not mean disruption of our business relations with our existing customers. Our design and sales departments are ready to react to your questions and address your new inquiries.

The customers can contact directly sales department of the company PMT S.r.l. (for direct contact see our web site: or

David Dostal
General Manager of PAPCEL Group
PAPCEL, a.s. Chairmann of the Board