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Crescent former

Product description
Crescent former serves as wire part for production of tissue papers with substance weight from 12 g/m2 on the wire (i.e. 14 g/m2 on the reel) at design speed up to 1.500 m/min. The dewatering proceeds through centrifugal force on forming roll.


Bearing structure is cantilevered, made of stainless steel resistant against corrosion and adapted for easy and speedy wire and other elements exchange. Set of special troughs and covers for water discharging from the former is part of its structure. There is a wire deflector in frontal part designed as slip out to ease cleaning and maintenance of the equipment. Main part represents forming roll with special cover enabling an intensive dewatering between forming wire and felt which contributes to very good fibres formation. Other parts are elements for stretching, guiding and conditioning the wire.


Main parts

  • bearing structure (1)
  • forming roll with cover and bearing (2)
  • guide rolls with cover and bearing (3)
  • pneumatic wire guide (4)
  • wire stretching (5)
  • oscillating doctor of wire forming roll (6)
  • oscillating doctors of guide rolls (7)
  • showering system of wire part, incl. low-pressure showers (8)
  • high-pressure oscillating shower
  • chemicals wire showering (9)
  • troughs for water collecting and discharging from forming part (10)
  • wire deflector (11)
  • walkways and ladders
  • pneumatic circuit


  • equipment for roll exchange and wire wearing
  • wire
  • drive
  • control
  • high pressure water distribution piping, incl. pump

Scope of delivery

  • complete machine according to description of main parts
  • accessories according to the customer's inquiry


  • production of tissue paper with low substance weight
  • high operation speed
  • very good formation of the fibres
  • low operating costs
  • compact design
Construction design and machine safety are in compliance with EU standards.
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