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The Italian manufacturer of technologies for paper machines producing packaging grades, printing & writing paper as well as tissue paper. ICONē S.r.l. (ex-GapCon tissue S.r.l.) is a leading global supplier of EPC supplies in the segment of tissue, the company owns the proprietary “know-how”. Member of PAPCEL Group since 2016.

The Italian ICONē S.r.l. is an established manufacturer of paper technology with a strong customer base in Europe, Asia and Latin America. ICONē S.r.l. owns a number of patented technologies. When delivering tissue technology, ICONē S.r.l. is one of the few suppliers offering a very unique concept of Shoe press positioning in the paper machine press part. ICONē S.r.l. employs almost 30 employees, has a very strong team of experts with experience acquired from many investment projects worldwide, supplies the paper machines on a turn-key basis and has a team of experts in engineering, assembly and commissioning. In its history, ICONē S.r.l. has executed a number of paper machine installations, in particular for the production of packaging grades and tissue paper.

Through the acquisition of ICONē S.r.l., the company PAPCEL has expanded the team of experts, strengthening the design department and manufacturing facilities. ICONē S.r.l. will become the competence centre for research, development and delivery of tissue machines. The synergy of the companies will allow extending the distribution network, increase direct sales and the number of reference projects. ICONē S.r.l. has gained references in paper groups and paper mills as ProGest Group, Naini Group of Industries, KMK Paper, Arjo Wiggins, Georgia Pacific, Ecopaper, Papelera Samseng, etc.