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Over the last 17 years PAPCEL delivered a number of modifications and reconstructions practically for all the paper machines operated by MYAK concern.


Dear Mr. Vdonin

When we look back in history, PAPCEL and MAYAK group have been cooperating for over 15 years. Your company has been one of the stable partners of PAPCEL in the course of our mutual cooperation, you are practically one of our largest customers. What leads you to come back to PAPCEL with your orders and how would you evaluate current cooperation?

We have been working with PAPCEL for over 15 years. In the course of our cooperation PAPCEL has proven to be capable to manufacture equipment conforming to leading technology of paper industry for us, of excellent quality for adequate competitive price.

You are the owner of one of the biggest Russian concerns, your combine runs several paper machines. How do you see the potential of paper-making industry and how would you rate the benefit PAPCEL brings to your projects, has PAPCEL‘s technical support help you realize your plans in paper sale increase?

Paper industry and other will develop in production volume and new kinds of production. Thanks to PAPCELs technical support during our renovation we managed to significantly increase the amount of production and expand manufactured assortment. Production volume increased almost 20 times. It represented over 20 billion rubles in 2018.

You operate as a multinational concern. When you reached the decision to erect another machine for decorative paper along with you German investor in 2015, were you satisfied with the realization process and does this investment fulfill your expectations?

We realized two large investment projects with PAPCEL company for the construction of paper machines No. 5 and 6. Total amount of the investments exceeded 110 million EUR. With the help of PAPCEL’s experts we managed to erect and commission two modern paper machines for the production of technologically very complicated backing papers for furniture and other laminate material manufacturing fully complying with volume and quality requirements. There was no other company in Russian federation able to manufacture a similar production.

Paper machine No. 6 - the only paper machine in the world capable of producing two types of production: backing paper for furniture and backing paper for vlies wallpapers. Both types of production were successfully achieved on the paper machine No. 6. That speaks of high level in designing nodes for paper machines by PAPCEL company based on state of the art knowledge of paper industry.

Together with our German partners we managed to build a modern plant for the production of backing paper for furniture and vlies wallpapers. Total production volume is over 60,000 tons of highest quality paper. Our quality and price allow us to successfully compete with other analogous production manufacturers. 

If you were deciding on further investments, would you choose PAPCEL again as your contractor?

A matter of paper delivery to Iran and the possibility of mutual cooperation are currently being discussed.
In 2013 we bought a second-hand paper machine No. 1 for the production of wrapping paper. With 
PAPCEL‘s help we carried out a major renovation and have been working on the machine since 2014 with the production volume of about 70,000 tons.

Let it be said that working with PAPCEL company is pleasant. Its employees react flexibly to all our requirements and operatively take action to remove any technical deficiencies.

Thank you for this interview.