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New decor paper machine for Russian-German concern Mayak-Technocell.

After a successful commissioning of paper machine No. 5 for decorative paper (commissioned in 2009) the Russian-German concern (000 Mayak/ Felix Schoeller GmbH) decided to build another paper machine for the same type of paper in 2015 and place it into the same production hall as paper machine No. 5. PAPCEL company was chosen as the supplier for this project in tender. Contract was signed in October 2015. 

PAPCEL supplied a complete production line for decorative paper and two-layer wallpaper with and without PE fiber and with two-sided coating. The machine with two wire tables and width 2,700 mm produces decorative paper of 40-110 g/m2, wallpaper of min. 55 g/m2 without coating and 85 g/m2 with coating. Machine width on the reel is 2,300 mm, the machines works at the speed of 850 m/min, its hourly production capacity is for decorative paper is 6,500 kg and 5,000 kg for wallpaper base. PAPCEL acted as the general contractor of the whole technology, a number of other major foreign suppliers for paper industry worked on this project as well (Voith, Lang-Hafner, Bellmer, UMV, Ircon, etc.). The project was financially supported by Czech export bank and insured by Czech insurance agency EGAP. It‘s the second project Czech export bank financially supported for this important Russian concern (the first one being new paper machine No. 5 - also a greenfield at that time).


Both production of decorative paper and wallpaper base are one of the more technologically challenging and highly specialized processes connected with precise dosage of various types of paper pigments and colors or other auxiliary paper substances. Dosage in recipes is essential for the whole manufacturing process, it is a part of carefully kept know-how of each producer in most cases, focus is mainly on optical and mechanical properties of manufactured paper. Russian-German concern Mayak-Technocell is a world supplier of these paper types, the technologies operated in Germany or Russia belong to the top in the industry. PAPCEL supplied a complete PE fibers dosage system for the wallpaper base and a complete pigment dosage and implementation system for coated paper for the new paper machine No. 6.

A new stock preparation line for the lower and upper layer was delivered as well for the machine. The machine is equipped with two wire tables, the upper headbox was supplied by PAPCEL, the lower was supplied by Voith company which also supplied some of the equipment into the PM approach part and stock preparation. Aside from Voith company, a German company Lang-Hafner (cover supplier, vapor condensation system, recuperation and ventilation) also participated on the project. The machine is equipped with UMV coating system to which PAPCEL delivered a new workstation and water heating system including complete system for pigment dosage, i.e. including cooker for preparation and processing of oxidized type of starch or dextrin. The total investment on customer’s part was almost 60 mil. EUR, machinery deliveries from PAPCEL form over 35 mil. EUR


Shipment of machine deliveries was begun in December 2016, finished in March 2018. PAPCEL shipped the total of almost 170 trucks which were followed by shipments of spare part and spare cylinders in 2017 and 2018. PAPCEL acted as the general contractor of all machinery and electrical supplies. Project office Erma Elan Engineering Praha also participated on the project by processing the entire project documentation.

In August 2018 the first paper was successfully reeled. The production of first decorative paper batches took place in September 2018. Test runs of the production line and equipment were conducted for complementary manufacturing program, that is two-layer wallpaper with and without PE fiber and double-sided coating. The machine was commissioned in December 2018. After signing the protocol on the completion of guarantee tests the project was successfully handed over to the customer.

The new paper machine No. 6 is on the top of PAPCEL’s references. It meant a high commitment from the whole team, its difficulty was mainly in the coordination of a number of technical teams from sub contractor companies during commissioning. Since reeling the first paper the machine has worked in stable mode. By signing and accepting the whole project, customer expressed their satisfaction with implementation of this project which ranks among the TOP installations in the Russian federation.


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