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PAPCEL is a Czech company with more than 65 years of tradition in manufacturing and deliveries of complete papermaking machinery for production of all the commercially available and used paper grades. The company ranks among major worldwide suppliers of modern energy-saving solutions with an emphasis to meet all contemporary environment protection aspects.

PAPCEL has been active in the papermaking industry since 1950. The company owns manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic and in Italy and has a network of specialists with many years of experience in the paper production and papermaking technology, who are involved in own research and development. 
PAPCEL is a sole exporter managing subsidiaries in Russia and India and more than twenty sales agencies worldwide. PAPCEL is an international company group with a strong tradition and respect for customers.

PAPCEL is a supplier of complete paper mills including supporting utilities and infrastructure. The company has built and erected many paper machines. The company has dismantled, refurbished and commissioned a lot of volume challenging projects concerning “used machines” in Europe and overseas. 
PAPCEL is a multicultural company with sales and technical work teams located in various countries worldwide speaking several world languages. Thus, the company is able to offer to the customers comfortable services utilising long-term knowledge of papermaking practice and long-standing experience of high-tech deliveries during project implementation.

PAPCEL is a skilled supplier able to implement complete EPC projects (turn-key deliveries) thanks to own design capacity, own chemical equipment division and high-tech level of supplied automation. PAPCEL manufactures and delivers machinery and equipment for complete stock preparation lines and paper machines producing all commercially available and used paper grades. PAPCEL provides deliveries of single machinery units, complete turn-key technologies, repairs, overhauls and refurbishments of particular production nodes as well as complete lines.
Spare parts, complete maintenance and technical services are provided for the delivered machinery. The equipment and machinery deliveries are supplemented with engineering services related to machinery erection and commissioning.

PAPCEL production range also includes complete services related to
“used papermaking machinery” rebuilds and refurbishments and relocation of the machinery anywhere in the world.