Remote access

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For particular projects, remote access into the customers' control systems is provided to be able to collect information of papermaking lines control status at any time from PAPCEL offices.


Remote access enables:

  • Data monitoring
  • Process data visualization
  • Archiving and analysis of datasets
  • Alarm monitoring, etc.
For particular projects, besides remote access into control systems, PAPCEL utilizes also webcam systems.

Camera system advantages:

  • On-line recording of work in progress (erection, dismantling) enables a complete detailed control.
  • Warehouses monitoring.
  • Saving busines trip costs - utilising zoom cameras enables recording construction processes in progress and on-line watching and controlling projects.
  • Solution preventing industrial injuries.
  • Securing sites with respect to safety and property protection.
  • Recording work temperatures at construction works.
  • After finishing projects, the video records are handed over to the customers.
  • Building important nodes we make time-lapse records utilised with the customers' permission as marketing reference materials or to view the processes of construction, erection and dismantling.
  • Utilizing camera systems video images for on-line transmissions of meetings by means of videoconference and other mobile peripherals.