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Large industrial plant projects are mostly financed by means of export crediting or other form of financing managed by a domestic bank or a customer's bank. To process the customers' applications, as a standard, PAPCEL offers to the customers the preparation of complete business plans. Before commencing the projects and elaborating new machinery complete bids, PAPCEL offers as well the preparation of feasibility studies, including complete calculation of the future plant operation costs. These services encompass:


  • Preparation of basic projects and feasibility studies; creation of business plans for new investment projects, evaluation of project profitability, calculations of costs and utility consumptions (power, water, gas, steam etc.), calculation of total project rates of return.
  • Preparation of complete basic data for arranging export credits or other project credit forms: credit applications, environment impact assessments (EIA), negotiations with banks and/or insurance agencies, all-embracing communication with banks if Letters of Credit or other financial tools are being opened.