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Since 2005 PAPCEL has been offering its customers an opportunity to finance complete industrial plants in collaboration with Czech banks like the Czech Export Bank (CEB) and the Export Guarantee and Insurance Company (EGAP).

Thanks to this cooperation PAPCEL could proceed from sales of new and refurbished smaller machinery to deliveries of complete paper machines as well as of construction works and thus to perform a role of the complete paper mill general contractor.

Within the projects the customers are offered various forms and possibilities of financing their investment projects. One of the most common forms is arranging export credit with a domestic bank or financing by means of a Letter of Credit. Another common way of the financial co-operation is elaborating mutual payment schedules for projects with minimum yearly interest rates.

Export credit financing:

  • Acquisition of credit tools with Czech banks supported by EGAP directly for clients or local banks;
  • Credit duration ranges from 5 to 7.5 years; first installments are payable 6 months after commissioning of the machinery, including principal and interest;
  • EGAP insurance lump-sum payment depending on the financed amount; applied insurance rates depend on ratings of the respective countries, on financed amounts and due dates.


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