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Projects carried out with the EGAP credit and insurance support:

  • new paper machine (PM), decor paper, Zavod Gazetnoy Bumagi, Shklov, Belarus
  • new PM 5, OOO Mayak-Technocell, Penza, Russia
  • PM rebuild, OOO Nikol-Pack, Uchaly, Russia
  • PM rebuild, OAO Dobrushskaya BF, Dobrush, Belarus
  • PM 2 rebuild, OOO Mayak-Vega, Penza, Russia

In cooperation with domestic banks PAPCEL offers to support customers' industrial projects arranging:

  • Acquisition of credit tools with Czech banks supported by EGAP directly for clients or local banks.
  • Fixed CIRR or equivalent rate, based on a floating rate (LIBOR, EURIBOR and likes) monthly set by the European Central Bank (ECB) - for details see
  • Credit periods range from 5 to 7.5 years. First installments are payable 6 months after commissioning of the machinery, including principal and interest.
  • The EGAP insurance lump-sum payment depending on a credit amount. The insurance rate depends on a rating of the respective country, on the credit amount and on the due date. A preliminary calculation may be made on (insurance "D" type). The insurance may be included in the credit amount.

Implementing ”second-hand” (= refurbished used machinery) projects, PAPCEL can perform the role of:

  • Seller only;
  • Complete provider of a ”second-hand” supplemented with a new machinery incl. the same for stock preparation etc.;
  • Turn-key project main contractor managing all the works related to financing of the project and to purchase of the used machinery; execution of all the greenfield project building operations - in such case the sub-contractors may be local construction, erection and other companies, sometimes even the customer himself.


Zavod Gazetnoy Bumagi, Shklov, Belarus
OOO Mayak-Technocell, Penza, Russia
OOO Nikol-Pack, Uchaly, Russia
OAO Dobrushskaya BF, Dobrush, Belarus
OOO Mayak-Vega, Penza, Russia