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Fiber cement boards

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The fibre cement boards can be used for making ventilated facades with possibly glued ceramic facings or for making thin plaster. They are made with admixtures of chemical pulp or synthetic fibres.

PAPCEL offers complete stock preparation plants for manufacturing fibre cement boards. We deliver complete machinery making semi-product to be used for manufacturing final product.

The fibre cement boards are modern extensively used materials especially in the construction industry. Their utilisation is broad and together with gypsum boards they rank among the most utilised construction products.

Examples of utilising boards in civil engineering:

  • inside
  • outside
  • roofing

Furnished raw materials:

  • water
  • Portland cement
  • natural minerals
  • sulfate chemical pulp
  • secondary fibres (recycled paper)
  • synthetic fibres (polypropylene)
  • other admixtures

Stock preparation line

Screening and refining line 25 BDTPD


Refining line 30 BDTPD

Continual refining line 120 BDTPD