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PAPCEL/ABK Group provides high efficiency hoods for paper and tissue machines. The Yankee hoods are divided in two product groups known as MG hoods (MG - machine glazed papers) and tissue Yankee hoods. 

Hood design

  • Solid stable frame enabling a long-term steady performance and protecting the Yankee surface.
  • Distance between the hood and the Yankee dryer surface is minimum (25 mm) for the best drying efficiency.
  • Insulated panels for high dew point and minimum power consumption.
  • Fine and uniform air flow control in the machine and cross directions incl. manually or automatic controlled dampers. 
  • The air jet design compared to the other designs provides the highest drying efficiency and enables to respond to the performance market demands.
  • High-performance fan drive frequency converters reduce the power consumption down to a minimum.
  • Wide doors easily accessible from service platforms for checking, cleaning and maintenance inside the hood are supplied.
  • A perfect airflow balance at any machine speed; no air leakages in the machine and cross directions; no hot air losses in the drying section nor dangerous fresh air penetration around both paper web edges and from the wet end.
  • The Yankee hoods are protected with fire sensors and steam fire extinguishing systems.
Technical parameters Type "M" Type "B" Type "S" Type "H"
Yankee dryer diameter up to 5.5 m up to 5.5 m up to 5.5 m  up to 5.5 m 
Yankee dryer width up to 6 m  up to 6 m up to 6 m   up to 6 m
Air blowing temperature up to 200°C  up to 300°C  up to 450°C up to 650°C
Air blowing velocity up to 120 m/s  up to 140 m/s up to 150 m/s up to 150 m/s
Sandwich panels 100 mm   120 mm  160 mm 240 mm
Inspection door / w x h up to 900 x 1 500 mm
depending on
Yankee diameter
  up to 900 x 1 500 mm
depending on 
Yankee diameter
up to 900 x 1 500 mm
depending on
Yankee diameter
up to 900 x 1 500 mm
depending on 
Yankee diameter


The technological design of the PAPCEL/ABK Group Yankee hood guarantees high efficiency and low power and gas consumption.
Depending on the design operating temperature, the material of construction of the Yankee hood may vary:
  • Aluminium jets for MG hoods (up to 200 °C, the highest permanent operation temperature 300°C).
  • Stainless steel for the "B" and "S" type hoods (up to 450°C).
  • Heat resistant steel (Corten-A) for the "H" type tissue high-performance hoods (up to 650°C).